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 Our Lasagne

Lasagne that we offer are the products made from the natural raw materials of the highest quality. 


Our lasagna is excellent for delicious balanced dinner or supper but it is also perfect for all kinds of meetings with family or friends. Fast and easy preparation saves time which you may plan for your pleasure.


Our flavourous lasagne, thanks to its exceptional recipe, will move you directly to sunny Italy.


So please lie back, dip into the richness of taste and discover your favourite version of our lasagne. Enjoy your meal!

 Do you know that…

Lasagna is one of the most recognizable Italian dishes in the world.


The ancient Romans brought it from the Greeks, who used the term “lasagnum” to describe a dish in which they would cook.


The Romans started to use this term for pasta combined with various fillings.


Eventually it made its way to Britain where the recipe was published in the world’s first cookbook.


After being dormant for a few decades, early Italians rediscovered it and made into what we know today: meat, tomato sauce and cheese between thin layers of pasta.