The Pasta Food Company is focused on the Customer’s satisfaction on each step of the process, beginning with raw materials reception, ending with the delivery at Customer’s place. In our daily work we follow the main quality principles which are based on holistic activities, continuous improvement and team work.

The most important aspects for us are:

  • Health safety and high quality of our products

  • Full satisfaction of the Customers

  • Business efficiency

  • Environmental security

  • Work safety

All Pasta Food Company commitments are included in the following documents:

  • Quality & Safety Policy

  • Quality & Food Safety System

  • Environmental Policy

The Food Safety System is created, implemented and developed based on quality system and is one of the pillars of highest company management. It concerns:

  • Good Manufacturing Programs

  • Good Hygiene Programs

  • HACCP System

  • Traceability System

  • Food Defense

  • In-Process Control

As a confirmation of our high quality standards we are certified by SAI GLOBAL with:

  • BRC Global Standard for Food Safety (Issue 7), Achieved Grade: AA

  • IFS Food (Version 6: April 2014) at Higher Level

 Here you may download current Certificates:

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